LANACare mattress pad in organic merino wool


LANACare Pure Organic Merino Wool Mattress Pad for Baby. Place directly on crib mattress, under sheet, to add soothing layer of insulation & absorption. May also be placed on floor as soft, temperature-regulating underlay for baby. Because of the method in which these are made, by interweaving wool fibers, they do not tolerate machine washing nor submerging in water. Made of super soft merino wool fibers, interwoven by patented method. Maintains all the amazing properties that wool has to offer. Natural wool fibers breathe, maintaining comfortable temperature for baby, whether in heat or cold. Naturally flame-retardant without chemicals! Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet. When it does begin to feel wet, it remains warm. As wool absorbs moisture & dries, its natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors.