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Nature provides us with wonderful materials for supporting our well-being.

We wish to offer products that are manufactured in an ecologically sensitive manner, and that offer the very best materials available in nature, devoid of any chemical processing. Natural fibers bring the luxury of feeling good into your life. Fibers against your skin can make you feel either comfortable and pleasant or, for example, chilly and sweaty. The natural fibers – wool and silk – have a unique ability to cooperate with your skin. They breathe as your skin does and keep you always nicely warm and comfy. It is important for your skin to breathe well: you are feeling better when it is breathing naturally. Our mission remains one of providing superior quality products in organic merino wool, organic silk wool, pure silk and organic cotton, that will enhance and support the body's natural rhythms and functions while our company simultaneously supports those committed to ecologically-sound manufacturing practices.

Our products are made with GOTS-certified textiles, ensuring that the highest criteria are met for sustainability & ethical standards in production. Our products have been thoroughly tested and have passed the most stringent environmental safety standards, keeping allergy-inducing chemicals and dyes away from our customers and growing bodies safe from harm.