Care Of Woolens

Washing silk and wool undergarments

The starting point in the care of Merino wool, silk wool, and 100% silk garments is to understand that they do not need such frequent washing as cotton clothing. They do not become dirty as easily as some other materials; in fact they repel dirt.  

Wool and silk like to be aired. They share the unique quality of renewal, they are capable of cleaning themselves with oxygen. When you have two sets of woolen or silk underwear in a daily wearing and airing routine, they stay hygienic and fit for use for several days, often even for 2 to 3 weeks without washing.

It is important that you use a biological washing agent which enhances dirt removal, Chemical detergents are harmful to wool and silk. In wool, they cause intertwining of fibres and felting. Silk does not felt, but the fibre does become hard.

It is recommended to wash woolen and silk garments by hand. Squeeze the garment lightly but avoid rubbing, rinse 2 to 3 times. Carefully squeeze the water out of the garment but avoid wringing, stretch the garment into its appropriate measurements lengthways. Spread it to dry but not in direct sunlight or close to an oven or other source of heat.

Washing LANACare products

Wash gently by hand in lukewarm water with LANACare Lanolin Soap to replenish the lanolin content of the wool. Use just enough soap to keep the water mildly sudsy. Move the wool item gently in the water, then let it soak in the water for 5-10 minutes. Rinse in lukewarm water. Always use lukewarm water when washing and rinsing wool. Both hot and cold water can shock the wool fibers, resulting in shrinking and felting of the wool. Gently squeeze water out of hand-washed items, then roll in a towel, pressing out excess water. For larger items, such as blankets, fill the washer with lukewarm water and wash by hand without running the wash cycle.use the spin cycle to centrifuge water from your woolen items. Give each item a quick, brisk shake to help it regain its form and elasticity, and place or hang to dry. Placing over a mild heat source, such as on top of a running dryer, will hasten drying. Never tumble dry! Placing natural wool in direct sunlight to dry may discolor the wool.