Bio Certificates

Sleep and Beyond

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - CERTIFICATION #OTCO-OT-024204: Organic cotton and organic Merino wool are certified organic to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our USA fulfillment center is also GOTS

WOOLMARK - CERTIFICATION #L1722CH12W; #L2388BE09W: Merino wool and Shropshire Wool are WOOLMARK certified for 100% pure wool quality. It is globally recognized as a symbol of high quality and reliability and specifies that the product exceeds the global standards for pure wool filling.

Hocosa of Switzerland

The HOCOSA Pure WOOL and SILK WOOL Underwear collection is dedicated to organic fibers. The organic Underwear from HOCOSA of Switzerland is BEST– and/or GOTS-certified by IMO-Switzerland. They are a member of IVN-Germany (International Association Natural Textile Industry) and since 2001 member of the Demeter Association, Switzerland. HOCOSA products currently carry Europe’s coveted Kb-T Certification for Organic Textiles. HOCOSA of Switzerland Underwear products are manufactured in Bedano, near Lugano, Switzerland, according to the strictest environmental requirements and can therefore be sold as “Swiss Made”.

LANACare Danish Wool

LANACare uses only organic wool that is strictly certified, chemically untreated. LANACare wool KbT Organic Certification, also IVN Best and GOTS certificates.  No pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze, nor have any harsh chemicals been used to wash the wool. No mulesing have been used on the sheep – a highly criticized way of “vaccination” of the sheep in Australia.