LANACare Breast-feeding Combo Set

LANACare Breast-feeding combo set

Our LANACare Nursing combo set is a great choice for a new mother. It contains all that a beginner Breastfeeding Mother needs. You will find 2 pairs of nursing pads, 1 bottle of lanolin soap, 1 tube of breast cream. Our longtime experience shows that this is the ultimate set for a starting mother. It includes everything that a mother needs for the entire breastfeeding period. This beautiful set will help a starting mother throughout all nursing period.

LANACare Breast-feeding combo set includes:

LANACare nursing pads (2 pairs)XSmall, Small or Medium in either Softline REGULAR or Softline EXTRA – made in soothingly soft organic merino wool, very gentle, soft touch to the skin. The pads keep the breasts warm, increase blood circulation, protect from wind or cold.

LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap (250 ml) – created for careful wool treatment, nourishes wool with additional lanolin. Specially formulated for optimal washing of wool products. The soap contains medical-grade lanolin and no perfume or colouring ingredients.

LANACare Lanolin breast cream – (40 ml) contains hypoallergenic lanolin, safe for the mother and the baby, best for sore or cracked nipples. No need to wash off before nursing.