❆ LanaCare Danish Wool ❆


LanaCare stands for true purity and the highest quality. LanaCare is using only organic merino wool, that hasn‘t been chemically treated or super washed. The wool used by LanaCare has international organics certificates as KbT, GOTs, IVN Best.Selection of wool is strictly supervised in order to achieve ultimate comfort and health in the final products. The lanolin used in our LanaCare Lanolin soap and LanaCare Breast-feeding cream is strictly hypoallergenic, therefore safe for the mother and the baby.

LanaCare has designed a special Merino woolen collection for the Breast-feeding Mother and baby. LanaCare nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breast-feeding. LanaCare nursing pads are incredibly soft and gentle. Natural warmth of the wool stimulates blood circulation and lactation processes, providing soothing relief in most breastfeeding problems. Soft pure organic merino woolen LanaCare Baby Bib , LanaCare Baby Blanket, LanaCare Baby Booties , LanaCare Baby Cap, LanaCare Baby Mittens, LanaCare Baby Nelson Hat, LanaCare Baby Overall, LanaCare Baby Pants, LanaCare Baby Softvest, LanaCare Baby Softsleeper, LanaCare Baby Sweater, LanaCare Diaper Covers and LanaCare Mattress Pad feels soothing and comfortable to the delicate baby skin. It touches the skin gently, without irritation. Merino wool is soothingly warm and light, putting no pressure on the skin. Wool breathes and absorbs moisture still feeling comfortably warm.


Wool has outstanding thermal regulation properties and the child dressed in wool does not feel cold even when perspiring. The reinforced knees of our 100% Wool children’s long johns maximize the durability of our underwear and promote garment longevity. Our Natural Silk/Wool Children’s Undergarments offer comforting warmth and softness for extra sensitive skin.


The Baby is best protected from temperature fluctuations and basic temperature decrease by natural Baby Silk/Wool or Baby 100% Wool Undergarments that balance body temperature, as these materials are warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. A baby’s thermoregulation happens through skin and part of the metabolism with sweating. Therefore materials closest to the skin are most important. Breathable natural materials that are gentle to the skin keep your baby perfectly warm.


Beautiful Adult Silk/Wool Undergarments or Adult 100% organic Merino wool Undergarments, LanaCare woolen Body warmers, LanaCare Neck Warmers and LanaCare Shoe Insoles are ideal for daily living and recreational pursuits. You will love the feel of how these fibers breathe and assist your skin in regulating your body temperature as you go about your daily life. Underwear and warmers should act as a second skin - furthering thermal transpiration in both directions. Nothing beats natural fibers for comfort or performance.


Bedding made of natural materials is essential to assure a good night's sleep. During sleep our metabolism increases.  Sleep Duvets, Sleep Toppers and Sleep Pillows filled with Organic Merino wool stuffing regulates the warmth and moisture our bodies produce, forming a cozy layer of warm air promoting deep and comfortable sleep. Our Wool Pillows form around the head, providing optimum support and breathability and reducing neck strain. Babies feel warm and safe inside our LanaCare woolen Baby blanket or topped with our Organic merino wool duvet. Our soft and soothing LanaCare Adult Woolen Bed Socks and Child Woolen Bed Socks will help you fall soundly asleep without the bother of cold feet. Sleep cozy and warm with our soft LanaCare Woolen Ankle Footlets. They will wrap the feet in gentle warmth.