HOCOSA Swiss Woolens | myMerino® Wool Bedding

HOCOSA OF SWITZERLAND LONG UNDERWEAR… HOCOSA of Switzerland wants to offer to its customers products that are made from the best possible material, BIO, created without the use of chemicals or synthetics. HOCOSA of Switzerland uses manufacturing processes that respect the nature and the environment. HOCOSA products are made in: 100% organic Merino Wool,  70% organic Merino Wool 30% Silk and 100% Silk Tussah. HOCOSA underwear lines are made for Women, Men, Sport, Children and Babys.

HOCOSA SWITZERLAND PURE ORGANIC-WOOL UNDERWEAR… Spoil your skin with precious HOCOSA long underwear made of pure new wool in organic quality. This extraordinary fine merino virgin wool derives from animals that are kept in their natural environment, it is shorn by hand and it is free from pesticides. This wool is absolutely natural, particularly soft and cosily warm. Wool has the natural ability to clean itself by being aired. HOCOSA SWITZERLAND ORGANIC SILK/WOOL UNDERWEAR… The perfect combination of many benefits of organic pure new wool and the extraordinary characteristics of precious silk. Fine merino wool is absorbent and cosily warm, silk is smooth and comfortable to wear. Together they create a temperature balance and support the natural capacity of skin.

SLEEP & BEYOND MYMERINO® 100% ORGANIC COTTON AND MERINO WOOL BEDDING… ULTRA SOFT AND COZY: Experience unparalleled softness with the myMerino® wool Comforter, Pillow and Mattress Topper offering a sumptuous feel against your skin. The myMerino® Bedding gives a cozy and inviting retreat, promoting a restful sleep. Sleep and Beyond myMerino® Comforters, Pillows and Mattress Toppers are filled with organic untreated merino wool. They are extremely light and soft, providing ultimate comfort and sleeping environment. Organic wool is perfectly breathable, letting free air circulation, yet keeping ultimate warmth same time. Wool Bedding will nurture your healthy and natural sleep throughout the night. Untreated wool filling is especially healthy and breathable. Highest quality organic cotton outer covering touches super gently to the skin.