About myBedding™

• 100% Natural Shropshire wool fill
• Cover 100% natural untreated cotton

In the mid-17th century, Shropshire sheep and their wool were described as “Choicest and Dearest in England”. Shropshire wool is a premium choice for our washable wool bedding (aka myBedding) as it is light, elastic, and fine to the touch. The wool undergoes sustainable and eco-friendly “Biowash” treatment that makes the wool fiber washable and not shrinkable.

Pure natural fibers for a good night’s sleep

Our MYBEDDING™ duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers are made of genuine pure natural untreated cotton and Shropshire wool. These bedclothes feel comfortable, are breathable, and warm conveniently. Natural materials do not cause perspiration or hold static electricity; they help the user to reach a deep and peaceful sleep. Peaceful sleep helps you to cope better with the life’s challenges. During sleep, our metabolism increases. Bedclothes filled with wool wadding are very good in regulating the warmth and moisture our bodies produce. Between the mattress and the duvet a layer of conveniently warm air is formed around the sleeper’s body, which helps to reach a deep and peaceful sleep. Using our natural bedclothes, you can sleep with your window open or lower the room temperature to a healthy level.

myBedding™ Washable Wool Collection

  • PRESSURE RELIEF: Experience a health-enhancing slumber. By alleviating pressure on sensitive body areas, the Washable Wool Filled myBedding™ Collection ensures a tranquil sleep environment. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome restful nights.
  • LONG-LASTING LUXURY: Invest in enduring comfort. Crafted with premium Shropshire wool, known for its plush down-type fibers, myBedding™ guarantees years of heavenly sleep, provided you care for it properly
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION: Embrace the perfect sleep temperature all year long.  This myBedding™ Collection keeps you warm during winter and cool in summer, thanks to the natural insulation properties of wool.
  • DRY AND RESTFUL NIGHTS: Sleep soundly without disturbances. The myBedding™ Collection moisture-wicking wool prevents a cool or clammy sensation, reducing tossing and turning. Outperforming other materials, wool promises uninterrupted sleep.
  • REMARKABLE FEATURES: This myBedding™ Collection, encased in 270 TC natural cotton percale, is a breeze to maintain – it's machine washable. Filled with washable wool, it arrives in nature-friendly, 100% hypoallergenic and reusable packaging.