LANACare toddler pants in organic merino wool


LANACare cozy, soft Pants for Baby & Toddler in soothingly soft KbT-certified organic wool. Made with slightly felted wool, for added durability. Adjustable waistband allows for perfect fit. Soft cuffing at bottom of legs. Made of soothingly soft KbT-certified organic merino wool, meeting Europe’s highest standards for organic textiles. Gives warmth, yet breathes to maintain comfortable temperature. Wool absorbs moisture, keeping baby dry & comfortable. Even when damp, wool feels warm. Natural wool with lanolin provides self-cleansing properties for easy care. When it does begin to feel wet, it remains warm. As wool absorbs moisture & dries, its natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors, for easy-care. Wash occasionally in LANACare Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain hygienic effects and to keep wool feeling soft & supple.